Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple Pie Cheezecake

No, I know that cheezecake isn't all that healthy - but if you have to have something sweet then this is just a little better for you than the traditional version. 

I was making dessert for a dinner party (Yay for vegan dinner parties!) and a friend of mine also follows a mostly sugar free, flour free diet. So how to please the "regular vegans"?  

Here's how:

 Saute some honey crisp apples with a tablespoon of coconut sugar and a dab of earth balance. (the black spots are chia seeds- no need to use them as there isn't enough "sauce" to need thickening and then the chias don't swell up)
 Grind up some nuts for the crust. If adding dates, grind the nuts first then add the dates. Trust me - I know from experience. Or you could add a little maple syrup to the nuts to form a dough.
 Press dough into springform pan
 Add 1/2 of your favorite cheesecake batter
 layer apples on top of batter
 Add the rest of the cheesecake batter
 Smooth out the top and bake as directed in your cheesecake recipe.

And enjoy!

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