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Welcome to my blog! My name is Lea (pronounced Lee) Vibrantly Vegan was already taken so I just made it my own.

I've been vegan for about five years now. At first it was exciting to re-create vegan versions of recipes. Especially cookies. And cake....muffins.....and cheesecake! I even have a home bakery with a blog called Terra Bakery that shows some of the treats I've whipped up.

But as I continue to learn about the nutritarian way of eating I've been eating more simply. Not boring or bland, but using fresh ingredients and staying away from using processed foods as much as possible. That includes flour and sugar. I'm not a raw vegan, although with this heatwave I've been eating lots of fruits and salads.

I feel better now than I have in years! More vibrant (hence the name)and energetic. I've taken bits and pieces from all I've read and put together what works for me.

I didn't think posting salads on the bakery blog made much sense anymore- so I decided to create a new one. Sometimes friends or family wonder what I "can" eat now - so they can take a look here and see that it's not just lettuce.

So you'll see some recipes or just general ideas that you may want to try. Or not. It's all okay with me. So say hello- let me know if you enjoyed a recipe- ask a question...
It will be a pleasure to meet you!


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