Sunday, March 31, 2013

Richard Blais's Potato Linguine Veganized

Serious Eats had a recipe for Richard Blais's (top chef) Potato Linguine with Conch and White Wine.  click here
No Conch here- but there is white wine and some briny black olives with Herbes de provence. And garlic toasted panko crumbs. Amazingly awesome!

I am already thinking of other combinations - loaded potato linguine, chickpea and black pepper, picatta linguine.......What combination would you make? 

Another Holiday

Wow, time flies. I didn't realize Thanksgiving was the last post and now here it's Easter!
Menu included black olive biscotti, portobello carpaccio, garlic smashed potatoes and green beans with crispy shallots and roasted rainbow carrots. 

Dessert was carrot cake minis and Roberto Martin's Black Beast. (pics to follow).

The plate:

 The table: