Sunday, August 19, 2012

Food Network Montly Cookalong: Maine "Lobster" Roll

Okay, so I don't eat bread anymore- but that doesn't stop me from creating sandwiches for everyone else! Plus this "lobster" salad was delicious on it's own.

 As soon as I saw the Sandwich King's recipe list I knew what I wanted to V-create: jeff-mauro/buttery-lobster-rolls-for-your-baby

Can you tell what it's made from? 


Yep- cauliflower.

 Mostly the stem parts. I just put them in the steamer basket with some toasted nori  and steamed until tender.  Then fished out the larger nori sheet pieces because at this point they looked green and a little slimy. (Not the look I was going for.) 

 Mixed with some vegan mayo, chopped celery, lemon juice, a drop of liquid smoke, salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne.  Threw some chopped scallions on top for color. And put it inside a lightly toasted, earth balanced hot dog bun. And there you have it! A vegan lobster roll!




Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mexican Scramble - Hangover Food!

Or, what to eat for breakfast after a little too much wine the night before!

Scrolling thru my google reader blog list this morning I saw this corn jalapeno-red onion scramble. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but loved the jalapeno and cilantro idea.  So I used my usual scramble spice mix (nooch, garlic salt, tumeric, onion powder, mustard powder) threw in some black beans, cilantro and a few of these babies chopped up:

These are  peppers I made a few days ago after this popped up on my daily reader list: homemade pickled peppers. 
I used green bell peppers with one jalapeno- and they are delicious! Next time I think I will use more jalapeno though. 

And to really add something extra - I diced up half an avocado. Because avocados make everything special! See?