Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fast Food

No, not that kind of fast food!  I'm talking about the stuff you throw together from whatever you have available because you are starving.  And then it turns out good. So good you would make again. Even plan on making it again ~ not just wait until the stars align and you happen to have the same ingredients on hand.

Like this pinto bean mash with grape tomatoes, oil cured black olives, and avocado. Oh and cilantro!
 With a little wine of course
 Or this less than photogenic eggplant sauteed with arrabiata sauce, capers and smoked paprika. This would be great served over polenta. But I was too hungry to wait any longer.

 I've never seen capers so tiny before!

Or a quick lunch wrap (or unwrap as it turned out). Messy but delish! 

 Romaine leaves, hummus, nutritional yeast, sun dried tomato, alfalfa sprouts and avocado.

 A quick snack- cukes with pico de gallo and hummus (just enough so the pico doesn't fall off).

 And now it's just about that time where I have to go see what's available tonight for dinner. Hmmm - I know I have an avocado, and some pinto beans.........


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