Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mexican Scramble - Hangover Food!

Or, what to eat for breakfast after a little too much wine the night before!

Scrolling thru my google reader blog list this morning I saw this corn jalapeno-red onion scramble. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but loved the jalapeno and cilantro idea.  So I used my usual scramble spice mix (nooch, garlic salt, tumeric, onion powder, mustard powder) threw in some black beans, cilantro and a few of these babies chopped up:

These are  peppers I made a few days ago after this popped up on my daily reader list: homemade pickled peppers. 
I used green bell peppers with one jalapeno- and they are delicious! Next time I think I will use more jalapeno though. 

And to really add something extra - I diced up half an avocado. Because avocados make everything special! See? 


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